Only $160 USD trains a woman

Provide job training for one woman

Majeda was 18 years old when a few friends invited her to go along with them for an outing. They sold her to a brothel. Majeda was forced into working there for years. As she is getting older, her ability to earn a living through prostitution dwindles and she knows she needs to find another way to support herself.  Majeda found Basha and is hoping to learn new skills so she can support herself and escape this life of exploitation.


Our training programme provides counselling, support, and the skills a woman needs to rebuild her life. She receives an allowance so she can focus on her training and find stable housing if she doesn’t have a safe place to live. Women in our program receive the level of training needed; learning to write her name, basic literacy, or computer classes. She will learn to make Basha products and always has the option of Basha employment. She is prepared and supported to step into new opportunities for herself and for her family.


By donating to Friends of Basha, you can help us provide essential programmes that help women and children escape exploitation. Together we can help women and children find freedom and dignity.


Thank you so much for joining our cause.

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