Standard Kantha Throw (cotton & luxe)

This beautiful throw combines the softness of vintage saris with the luxury of ‘repurposed luxe’ fabric, for that perfect upcycled look.

Vintage cotton and repurposed luxe

Product code

100 cm x 200 cm

Dry cleaning recommended.

Product story

For centuries, Bengali women have carefully sewn time-softened saris with straight, even stitches into beautiful, functional items. This traditional technique is known as kantha.

In our cotton and luxe items, Basha combines traditional vintage cotton saris with ‘repurposed luxe’ sari fabric. ‘Repurposed luxe’ is made from factory-rejected saris, originally designed for Bengali women to wear on special occasions.

Every kantha item is meticulously handcrafted and unique, and can take anything up to thirty-nine hours to complete, depending on its size and complexity.

You can learn more about Basha’s skilled artisans here.

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