Helping others by making fudge

As teenager Rebecca shows, you don’t need to be a skilled textile designer, qualified counsellor or fluent in Bengali to join with Friends of Basha in supporting women and children. Moved by how they provided a safe environment, secure home, and the care and support which for Rebecca were normal parts of everyday life, she decided to fundraise and support women who would otherwise not have these basic necessities.


Rebecca sold jars of homemade fudge, advertising her fundraising and fudge on social media and at a local church. She also found asking friends and family to share the message, either on their own social media or through word of mouth, to be key. While it didn’t always go to plan, it did mean there was a constant supply of yummy (if slightly burnt!) fudge ends at home to enjoy and fuel her through her next baking session.


‘I always thought that for fundraising it had to be a big event, like a run or something, but it doesn’t. Anything that you enjoy or that motivates you is good to do – whether it be art, writing stories, creativity or baking like me, know that even the smallest of smalls can help.’


Rebecca’s fundraising has helped to provide a year’s worth of nutritious snacks and educational toys to a child in our day care centre. The impact of this goes far beyond a full tummy for a year. As a nourished child’s brain and body develop well, they have the ability to concentrate in lessons and energy to learn through play. Soon their whole future transforms and opportunity opens.


Rebecca raised funds to support children at Basha
Rebecca enjoyed playing with Basha children when she visited in December.
Helping others by making fudge
Rebecca sold fudge to raise money to support Friends of Basha activities