Our approach focuses
on providing tools for

Creating a safe space for girls is paramount.

We run a hostel for girls who used to fend for themselves on the street. When we tried to find other homes for them, they were determined to be too old to help, too far past education, too set in their ways. We provide a home and caring environment to children others find too difficult to manage. Some are orphaned and have no families, others have families that are unsafe or abusive, and some have lived in exploitation unimaginable to most of us. We work to provide these girls with a safe, caring and stable home-like environment. The hostel serves as a beacon of hope to many of these girls and girls we have yet to serve. To see these strong, well adjusted young women make strides in academics and life skills is an honour and a privilege.


A training programme for women who need support and preparation to enter the mainstream workforce.

Our training program provides women time to heal as well as receive training that will last a lifetime. Receiving a monthly allowance allows women to completely cut ties with their abusers and begin to learn the skills to sustain themselves. Women in our program are able to reorient their lives while focusing on healing and rebuilding a sense of self.

Training includes basic literacy, basic English, life skills, values, conflict resolution, health and hygiene, and creating one of a kind Basha products. This education will continue daily throughout her career at Basha, but for this six months in our training program, she is allowed time wholly dedicated to reclaiming her life.

Additionally, we have started a new training programme for Rohingya refugee women in camps near Cox’s Bazaar. We believe in a vision of helping as many women as we can and have a goal to train 3,000 women over the next year.


Investing in the next generation is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Friends of Basha’s daycare programme provides daily educational activities and tutoring catered to the age of the child. More than 130 children receive healthy, high protein food twice a day in addition to meals with their families. We’ve seen immediate improved school performance and reduced illness due to the increased nutrition these kids receive in our care. It’s a joy to see our Basha employees be able to bring their children to work and knowing that they are able to receive tutoring and school support.

In order to thrive, the entire well-being of women on our team require care.

We don’t define health just in the physical, we know that to flourish again, we must care for all parts of our body and mind. Through medical care, we ensure women are physically healthy and when a crisis emerges, we do our best to cover medical emergencies. Many women also have layers of trauma to work through. It takes time to break free from the pain, the hurt and unhealthy behaviour created when living in exploitation. We provide services, where women have access to counselling and psychiatric care, as well as any additional support they need, tailored for each woman. It’s a privilege to see women replace fear with joy and hurt with trust.