A birthday blanket for you,
a blanket for a friend
when you raise $1000 or more!

Make your birthday count.

Here’s how it works:

    1. Set up your fundraiser
      Set up your fundraiser on our donation platform.
    2. Share it with your friends.
      Make sure they know that each donation gives an opportunity for women and children to escape trafficking and build lives of dignity.
    3. Reach $1000 in donations to provide a way out of trafficking for women and children and to be eligible for our birthday giveaway.         If you raised $1000 or more for your birthday fundraiser, we will send you instructions on how to choose your gift, a Basha throw blanket handmade by our talented artisans and valued at $110 USD.The name of everyone who donated will be entered into a random drawing and we will let the winner choose their blanket as well. We will add another giveaway blanket for every additional $500 raised.
    4. Celebrate knowing that your birthday helped to give hope to women and children, transforming lives
      We’d love to celebrate with you too so feel free to send us or tag us in pictures, or promotions from your birthday fundraiser. If we see a lot of social media buzz, we might just throw in extra gifts as well.



Why Friends of Basha?

The Problem with Trafficking 
There are no clear numbers on trafficking in Bangladesh. Foreign Affairs of Insight and Review provides a good summary of trafficking and quotes one statistic that an estimated 400 women and children in Bangladesh are victims of trafficking each month. This is a number of women and children being sent to areas outside of Bangladesh for exploitation. This doesn’t count women and children who are forced into local brothels, young girls working in homes who are being abused, children living and fending for themselves on the streets, and many more in painful and exploitative situations. Women are quickly labeled “bad” or “spoiled” and feel they can no longer dream of a good marriage or a respectable life. Women who have given up on their future, need to learn to dream and to receive support and an opportunity to heal and deal with many layers of trauma.


About Our Work
We exist to respond to the unique needs of women and children that have been trafficked or are vulnerable to trafficking in Bangladesh. We ensure women are stable and on their journey to health before they transition into the workforce. Join us. Pledge your birthday.