Read some of the stories of women that have been resilient and found hope through Friends of Basha.
Playful interactions
‘The right place for me’ – Standing with the pre-schoolers at the Friends of Basha daycare
11 Aug ‘21
“I got a new life here….”
14 Dec ‘20
Relief distribution
Relief to prostituted people in Bangladesh
12 Jul ‘20
10 year old girl at at Basha smiles into camera while she plays on a swing in an outside courtyard
A bright future for Basha children
19 Nov ‘19
Helping others by making fudge
Helping others by making fudge
12 Oct ‘19
Selling flesh
International Women’s Day in Bangladesh brothels?
7 Mar ‘19
New hopes and new dreams for Layina
9 Dec ‘18
Freedom from slavery in a foreign land
21 Nov ‘17
Seeing hope first hand – A volunteer perspective
10 Nov ‘17
Are we ready for disaster?
1 Nov ‘17
Embracing a new life with a pledge
3 Oct ‘16
How this house of hope came to be
14 Sep ‘16