Start a campaign

1. Set yourself a challenge

Run, bake, sell. Pick a challenge that works for you. If you need a little inspiration use the beautiful country we work in and the incredible women we empower as your guide. Cox Bazaar in the South East of Bangladesh is the longest sea beach in the world. Cycle it’s 77 miles to match this. Basha employs over 150 women. Sell 150 cakes or pledge to donate 150 hours to a community project in return for sponsorship. Host a Bangladeshi themed meal. Think fish curry, dal, and lots of misti for dessert.

2. Set up your online platform

You can use Facebook and Give Lively. It’ll only take a few minutes. This is a great way of not only collecting donations but also highlighting your challenge and encouraging you to keep going! You can use images and information from our website to help explain why you’re fundraising. If you’d rather collect cash and transfer a lump sum through to us that’s great too. You can always get in touch if you’re not sure what works best for you and your fundraising.

3. Share with your friends and family

Let everyone know training for your big run is difficult but you’re still going strong by posting pictures on your social media training in the rain. Create a Facebook event, hand out flyers or put up posters about your garage sale. Let friends and family on the other side of the world know you’re hosting a dinner party, fashion show, or quiz night so even though they can’t attend they can still celebrate your amazing effort and donate to support exploited women rebuild their lives.

4. Search for match funding

Over half of Fortune 500 companies offer some form of match funding or company sponsorship to employees and networks of their employees. All you need to do is ask, fill out a form or two and then wait as your company donates to your fundraising efforts. It’s worth chatting to smaller organisations and companies too. While they may not be able to match your entire fundraising they may be willing to make a small gift or donation towards your challenge.

5. Shout about the hope you're bringing to women and children

Once you’ve completed your challenge or event and hit your goal celebrate it! Post all over your social media, send out thank you messages to everyone who got involved reminding them what their support can do, and let us know too. We want to celebrate with you.

Are you a business or community group?

If you’re a business or larger community group you can do all of the things above too. Get your team involved to share the challenge, or make it a competition between teams who can be the most creative and raise the most. Your customers and clients will love hearing updates too so keep them involved.

Friends of Basha support with anti-trafficking and human rights, employment training, women’s empowerment, child development, ethical and sustainable products, and so much more. There are lots of ways to make your fundraising for us fit your brand.

If you’d like to get in touch to explore these opportunities more you can contact us at