With $1,000 USD, you provide one women with training and safe housing for a year.

Training and housing for a woman reclaiming her life.

At the age of 19, Layina has already experienced a lifetime’s worth of horror from being trafficked into India. Like many trauma victims, she can remember little about her time there. Fortunately, she was rescued, but left without any means to support herself. Finally she was able to return to Bangladesh, but her family disowned her. 

When she first came to Friends of Basha’s transition home, she did not smile at all. But after nine months, she smiles, she laughs, she makes jokes. “I like the environment, I like the staff and everybody,” she says. “They help me in my work.” Friends of Basha exists to support and train women like Layina who might otherwise have no way of supporting themselves in a dignified way. Many women need holistic care and training, especially those who have had traumatic pasts. They need to learn much more than just sewing skills. 

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